Hard of Hearing Services

The Deafconnect Hard of Hearing Service is available to Adults of all ages. We offer flexible services providing you with information and support. There is no need to struggle in silence, you are not alone with this.

Information & advice on living with hearing loss, with or without aids.

Learning different coping tactics

Audio assistive equipment information

Advice on looking after hearing aids

Lip reading classes

Social support groups

Home vists

Deafconnect’s Harding of Hearing Service provides support and guidance to hard of hearing people across Northamptonshire.

We support with new hearing aids to get the most out of them, to promote independence and health and wellbeing.

Counselling, advice and information.

Provide information and advice service on assistive equipment to promote independence.

Provide coping tactic strategies for every day life.

Visit care homes to help support the use of hearing aids and deaf awareness.

Support family and friends to educate and keep in contact via Next Generation Texting, use of equipment etc.

Reach people who have no means of visiting the Audiology Dept to check and maintain hearing aids, promoting health and wellbeing

Attend support groups across the county and lip reading classes We also aim to train and manage a group of volunteers who have hearing loss or deafness, so that they are confident in themselves and can then support their hard of hearing peers within the community to learn how to use and manage their hearing loss, thus reducing loneliness and isolation.

Deafconnect has recruited a part time Volunteer Co-ordinator and a part time Volunteer Support and Admin Assistant who begin offering the support until volunteers can be recruited and trained to provide the service.

Volunteers will run Self Help Support groups in at least 5 locations in the county. These will provide the on-going support some needed. Speakers on a variety of topics including coping tactics and relaxation, will be booked for these groups so that hard of hearing and deafened individuals can access information about new subjects.

For more information or get involved please contact us.