Support Groups

Our Support Groups

As well as the one-to-one support we offer, we also have support groups which promotes awareness, peer group support, learning and reduces the effects of isolation and loneliness. 

50+ BSL Group

Deafconnect volunteers host and run a 50+ BSL group with funding from Northampton Community Foundation. It’s mostly aimed at 50+ but we welcome anyone who wants to join us.

We arrange events and activities held every fortnight on Fridays between 10.30am – 3pm at Spencer Dallington Community Centre.

The volunteers organise a variety of events throughout the year like:

  • General socialising days, where we chat over a cup of tea and biscuits.
  • Games days where we play dominoes or cards.
  • Craft activity days where we learn new skills like; pottery, painting, flower arranging, Easter Egg decoration and making Christmas Wreaths.
  • Shopping parties; selling candles or clothing
  • Guest speakers from other Deaf charities and services or from Public sector like Health or council.
  • Day trips to seaside, special deaf events or just to the pub for a meal


The Northants Tinnitus support group provides information about Tinnitus and any research or developments around it. We have speakers from organisations that either research or support people with Tinnitus or provide a therapy that is proven to help some people. We have plenty of useful information leaflets for you to take away free of charge and some items which can be borrowed for a small returnable deposit.

The most important thing that we offer is the chance to share support and ideas with people in the same situation as you. Often coping strategies are shared in the group and prove really useful. We are a mixed group of newly diagnosed to people who have lived with Tinnitus for many years………. You are not alone!!!